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Dr Emma Pauncefort, Founder of The Critical Literacy Project™, writes...

The Critical Literacy Project™ has grown out of my work as an educator in multiple guises – a private tutor, a one-time university lecturer and seminar leader, a future skills workshop and course developer and facilitator. 

It has also grown out of my life-long interest in the intricacies of language in both my native language (English) and the languages I feel fortunate to have studied and used (and continue to study and use!), namely French, Modern Greek, German, Classical Latin and Neo-Latin. 

In all of this interconnected professional and personal experience, I have become acutely aware of how great a luxury it is to be able to engage critically with language and the ideas it conveys and, above all, the extent to which this skill is sorely needed now perhaps more than ever. 

The long-term goal of The Critical Literacy Project is to develop a digital tool which can support such development in any person, anywhere. An important part of the journey towards this goal is connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals working in complementary sectors and across the globe. Below are a selection of such projects I have had the opportunity to work on.

If the above (and below) resonates with you, do not hesitate to get in touch with me. 

If you are interested in education coaching with critical literacy at its heart head here.

'Thriving and Surviving' Course (1)

2Digital literacy lab for educators

Critical Literacy for Data Scientists

Politics and Citizenship

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