"The teaching was amazing – all the difficult concepts were explained so well and the content itself was so interesting"

"I learnt an immense amount about so many different things..."

"Emma was absolutely brilliant! She helped me structure my ideas coherently, and I would like to see her again eventually for more guidance! Probably the first time I've actually gained some courage to get my dissertation done!"

There are two things I do not do:

1. Teach just to the exam (this is short-sighted hoop jumping);

2. Write dissertations (this is short-sighted academic dishonesty). 

Instead, I offer expert support in foundational, critical literacy development for learners who are engaging curiously and enthusiastically in topics across the Humanities at secondary stage upwards.

Much of this work translates as support in research and study skills. Support in individual subject areas is always deployed with an eye to nurturing independent thinkers and learners.