An Education Consultancy founded by Learning Science Practitioner 

Dr Emma Pauncefort



empower learner and educator alike with the learning and teaching toolkits to thrive in C21st society 

I distil the latest thinking in the learning sciences.

I develop critical and creative literacy and learning models to promote learning revolution.

I disseminate this work through peer-reviewed publications, coaching and CPD programmes for teachers worldwide.


Questions my work answers:

How do I know what I ‘know’? (metacognition)

How do I learn? (metacognition)

Why do I learn / why should I want to ‘know’? (promoting intrinsic motivation)

What does it mean 'to know'?


Learning is the ultimate levelling up tool.

By understanding the way we learn we can improve the way we learn.

By understanding what it means to learn we can turn information into knowledge.


Flagship  project: 

The Critical Literacy Project.png

Connecting critical thinking to literacy in order to empower the individual to make independent decisions for the good of society.

Current offerings:

of those interested in
media literacy are self-taught

link skills and disciplines

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I believe in education change brought about by research and collaboration

I research and think hard about the disconnect between education and society.

I write about this disconnect and where to go now.

I work to develop metacognitive understanding in young people so that they develop independent learning skills for life.

I work to empower educators to embed critical and connected education in their practice, with especial focus on promoting metacognitive development and critical literacy with their students.

I collaborate with other education innovators and organisations to bring about real change to education.

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I work across sectors and international borders

I am hugely fortunate to have the support of an advisory board which brings together experts from the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors, media literacy, researchers in English and History and representatives from the field of interaction design.


"At a time when 'fake news' has become prevalent across the web and presents a worldwide threat, The Critical Literacy Project is of vital importance in supporting the development of critical reading skills in young people"

— Dr Cassie Gorman

Senior Lecturer in English Literature, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University

Work with me

Are you looking for a like-minded partner?

I strongly believe that the challenge of better connecting education systems to the needs of C21st society requires more than one foot soldier; it requires an army. If my mission and vision align with yours and you can see areas for collaboration, please get in touch.

Recent collaborations include work with EdTech start-up, Parlay Ideas.


Are you looking for a content creation partner?


I design and deliver courses and resources promoting connected and critical lifelong education and metacognitive development in young people and those that guide them. 


Past projects include The Digital Literacy Lab for Educators for The Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, and The 3CL Foundation, Malta.

Instructional design support

Are you an individual, education business or organisation looking for one-off or ongoing instructional design support relating to connected and critical education? 

I can bring my research and learning to your project. 

Current projects include an employability resource for a leading creative university in the UK.

Supporters and C0llaborators

Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learni
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