Connecting Critical Thinking and Literacy

A mission to empower every individual to read critically and write well, whatever their vocation.

Founded by Emma Pauncefort


of us
believe that we need ...

A (mis)information challenge


increase in

Critical Literacy Skills

National curricula isn’t cutting it





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Lack of support for educators


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How we’re bringing critical thinking to literacy:

2 simple steps

We've looked at education research models and methods and studied how to help individuals progress from 'lower order' to 'higher order' thinking skills, as outlined in Benjamin Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy.   

We're ensuring that anyone who engages with The Critical Literacy Project™ understands this model and its steps. In other words, we are incorporating metacognition in our practice.

We've devised a simple method which unpacks higher order thinking skills when looking at text/content, wherever it might feature. This involves knowing how to break up content into manageable elements and ask the right questions of these constituents. This research-based methodology runs through all our practice and experimentation.


We're linking disciplines and skills

We're working across sectors and international borders

Our Advisory board brings together experts from the primary, secondary and tertiary education sectors, media literacy, researchers in English and History and representatives from the field of interaction design.

"At a time when 'fake news' has become prevalent across the web and presents a worldwide threat, The Critical Literacy Project is of vital importance in supporting the development of critical reading skills in young people"

— Dr Cassie Gorman

Senior Lecturer in English Literature, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University

We've been writing about our mission

Dr Emma Pauncefort

We're on an exciting journey 

We researched

our problem space

We wrote about 

our mission

We're working to raise awareness, especially amongst young people, 

of the challenges and opportunities they face

We're working to empower educators to develop critical literacy in their students through easily deployable resources in the classroom.

We're looking at how to harness commodified technologies in our work.

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