The Digital Literacy Lab for Educators

Pandemic or no pandemic, our irreversible reliance on digital technologies has elevated the importance of developing critical digital literacy skills around the world. The shared global experience of the challenges and opportunities we face with digital technologies meanwhile makes it essential to place critical digital literacy development into a global perspective.

In 2021, to become critically digitally literate means to consider our interactions, behaviours, and consumption patterns online, as well as how we use digital technologies to create and share new ideas and artefacts. To develop ‘2021-relevant’ critical digital literacy globally requires urgent courses of CPD for educators to ensure this essential ‘C21st skill’ is nurtured in young people.

This is the gap that The Digital Literacy Lab for Educators: a Global Perspective MOOC, commissioned by The 3CL Foundation and created by me has looked to fill.

Following a highly successful first iteration of the programme in autumn 2020 with c.2,000 learners, the course is ran again in spring 2021, complemented by material co-created with colleagues in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Kenya.


Head here for the full playlist.


...for a journey taking in the following interlocking modules, with critical questioning at its heart.



Just as the concept of the 'lab' indicates. This is an ongoing project seeking to create safe, supportive space for discussion. 

To support this, I have included some resources here: downloadable templates for discussing 'cautionary tales' relating to digital creation and digital consumption; a link to discussion resources co-created with the brilliant platform Parlay Ideas.


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